Lab of Biocatalysis and Bio-nanotechnology mainly focuses on fundamentals of industrial biocatalysis and bio-nanotechnology by methods of synthetic biology, enzyme/cell engineering, chemical engineering and nanotechnology. Current research efforts especially emphasize to:  1) evolve new/improved biocatalyst and cell factory; 2) develop efficient bioprocess; 3) couple metal nanoparticles with bio-templates such as M13 virus for enhanced biocatalysis and immobilized enzymes.

These works have harvested about 130 journal-publications and about 40 patents, and also obtained the supports from National Key R&D Program, 973 and 863 project, NSFC, National Top 100 PhD Theses Project, Beijing Nova (A) and multiple company collaboration projects, etc.    

Since 2001, the lab has trained about 50 postgraduates. Innovative thinking, research quality and capacity-building are emphasized. Academic exchanges by postgraduates at home and abroad, and SRT (Students Research Training) projects by undergraduates are both encouraged.

The lab will continue to combine biotechnology with chemical engineering, and emphasize both fundamental and applied research. By developing new method for biocatalyst evolution, we will endeavour to produce major bio-chemicals in industrial scale, guide the practice by scientific research, and make contribution for industrial biotechnology development with higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and more friendly to environment.