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Miaomiao Wang, Doctor in Science. She received her Ph.D degree in Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2016 and worked as a post-doc at DEC of Tsinghua University since then. As a graduate student, she mainly engaged in the mutagenesis of glutathione-producing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain and fermentation process controlling work, the construction of genetic engineering strains of Klebsi and metabolic network regulation research. At present, her research filed involves the microbial metabolism regulation of Bacillus subtilis producing surfactant and enzyme molecular stability transformation of nitrile hydratase used in producing acrylamide. She has been awarded one postdoctoral fund (first grade), published 4 journal articles indexed by SCI, won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology also applied one international patent.  

Fulong Li was graduated from East China University of Technology and is currently engaged in postdoctoral research in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tsinghua University. The main research fields are biocatalysis, enzyme engineering and structural biology. He is good at directed design of enzyme from the molecular structure and is applied to synthesize high value-added pharmaceutical intermediates. During his Ph.D. study, he was engaged in structural analysis, molecular modification and enantioconvergent mechanism of epoxide hydrolase. And used immobilization technology to improve the stability and efficiency of the enzyme, developed a continuous bioreactor and combined with chemical-enzymatic method to achieve the gram-grade preparation of chiral drugs. At present, we focus on: 1. construction of new cell expression system to improve the organic tolerance and stability of cell catalysts; 2. structure determination of important industrial enzymes, based on the structural analysis, rational design is carried out to obtain industrial catalysts with better catalytic performance. As so far, he has published 3 journal articles indexed by SCI and obtained 1 invention patent in China.