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Biocatalysis and Nanotechnology Laboratory was established in 2001 mainly engaged in industrial biocatalysis (gene / enzyme / cell engineering and application of...【Detailed】

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(1)Fundamentals of developing whole cell catalyst

Rhodococcus are organic-solvent tolerant strains with adaption abilities and diverse metabolic activities, thereby being widely utilized in bioconversion, biosynthesis and bioremediation. In recent years, the role of Rhodococcus ruber in biocatalysis has been increasingly highlighted. The advantageous features of R. ruber cells, such as high organic solvent tolerance and high target enzyme expression with low-cost urea inducer, have made them an ideal host for many exogenous enzymes with organic substrates. Thus, there is great pot....【Detailed】
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Huimin YU

Huimin YU, Professor, PhD supervisor In charge of Lab of Biocatalysis and Bio-...

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